Open EVE Mail

Opens EVE Mail window in client.

No parameters...

showInfo(typeID, [itemID])

Opens show information dialog for a typeID, [itemID]


showRouteTo(destinationID, [sourceID]

Show route to (from) location on map.

CCPEVE.showRouteTo(30001430, 30000193);


Opens Star Map with optional solarsystemIDs in view. If no ID is provided the session solarsystemID is shown.


Opens preview window for a given type.


Opens Fitting window with fitting fittingID

showContract(solarSystemID, contractID)

Opens specified contract.


Opens market window with market details for typeID


Opens trust prompt window for given URL


Sets ships destination to destinationID


Adds destinationID to waypoints, if destinationID is not already included


Joins channel channelName.


Joins mailing list mailingListName

(new) createContract(contractType, [station], [itemIDs])

Launches Create Contract wizard with contract type pre selected. (1..3) 1 = Item exchange 2 = Auction 3 = Courier

(new) buyType(typeID)

Opens buy window, with sell offers of typeID selected

(new) findInContracts(typeID)

Opens Contracts window and searches for typeID

(new) addToMarketQuickBar(typeID)

Adds typeID to Market Quickbar

(new) addContact

Adds characterID to address book, opens Edit Contact if he's already a contact.

(new) removeContact

Removes contact from contact list

(new) addCorpContact

Adds corporation contact to address book

(new) removeCorpContact

Removes corporation contact

(new) block(characterID)

Blocks characterID

(new) addBounty(characterID)

Adds a bounty on character's head

(new) inviteToFleet

Opens fleet creation windows to invite characterID to fleet

(new) startConversation

Opens start conversation dialog with characterID

(new) showContracts(ownerID)

Shows contracts for ownerID (characterID or corpID)

(new) showOnMap(corporationID)

Open Star Map with location for corporation corporationID in view.

(new) editMember(characterID)

Opens contact editor with character characterID loaded.

(new) awardDecoration(characterID)

Opens award decoration dialog for character characterID.

(new) sendMail(characterID, subject, body)

Opens sendmail dialog with characterID, subject and body.

(new) showContents(stationID, itemID)

Opens showContents dialog for container itemId

(new) bookmark(itemID)

Opens showContents dialog for container itemId